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Digital Asset Management PHP app
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Merge pull request #1422 from bburnichon/feature/performance-pass

Apply some improvements to cache handling
latest commit 773f72859f
@bburnichon bburnichon authored
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bin Refactor merged field structure
cache Update directory structure & allow to configure paths (tmp, log, cache)
config Remove OpCache options as now bundled with PHP5.5+
datas Update directory structure & allow to configure paths (tmp, log, cache)
grammar Fix code style on latest query parser feature & add tests
lib PHPCS and use final classes to enforce composition
logs Update directory structure & allow to configure paths (tmp, log, cache)
node_modules Add empty node_modules directory to ease vagrant/local system availab…
plugins More checks on cache returned values.
resources Replace app['phraseanet.appbox']->get_databox using trait
templates Replace phraseanet.appbox by getApplicationBox() method calls.
tests Fixup SubdefsTest. Databox could not be stored as subdef modification…
tmp Update directory structure & allow to configure paths (tmp, log, cache)
www PHRAS-556 #time 5h
.bowerrc Rename assets directory to tmp-asset
.gitignore Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 20150306-elastic-…
.travis.yml Change travis configuration
AUTHORS Add myself to AUTHORS file Remove useless tables
Gruntfile.js Update Travis conf and js testing
Makefile Add test target to Makefile for Circleci Update version in ReadMe along with some Typos Add note about database upgrade and cleanup Bump master to version 3.9-dev
Vagrantfile Make /vagrant folder to use nfs i/o default strategy
behat.yml.sample Add selenium configuration example
bower.json Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into elastic-indexer
circle.yml Circle CI, remove vendor and bin dirs from cache. No improvements see…
composer.json Fix dependency version of beberlei/assertion
composer.lock Fix dependency version of beberlei/assertion
package.json Fix latest merge
phpunit.xml.dist Split Account into provider/controller

Phraseanet 4.0 - Digital Asset Management application

Build Status

Features :

  • Metadata Management (include Thesaurus and DublinCore Mapping)
  • RestFull APIS (See Developer Documentation
  • Bridge to Youtube/Dailymotion/Flickr

Documentation :

Installation :

You must not download the source from GitHub, but download a packaged version here :

And follow the install steps described at

Development :

For development purpose Phraseanet is shipped with ready to use development environments using vagrant.


License :

Phraseanet is licensed under GPL-v3 license.

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