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@nmaillat nmaillat released this Jun 18, 2019 · 118 commits to 4.0 since this release




  • PHRAS-2535 - Back / Front - Unsubscription: It's now possible to request a validation by email to delete a Phraseanet user account.
  • PHRAS-2480 - Back / Front - It's now possible to add a user model as order manager on a collection:All users with this model applied can manage orders on this collection. This features fixes an issue when users is provided by SAML and the orders manager is lost when user logs in.
  • PHRAS-2474 - Back / front. - Searched terms are now found even if the searched terms are split in Business Field and regular Field.
  • PHRAS-2462 - Front - Share media on LinkedIn as you can do on Facebook, Twitter.
  • PHRAS-2417 - Front - Skin: grey and white, graphic enhancements.
  • PHRAS-2067 - Front - Introducing thumbnail & preview generic images for Fonts


  • PHRAS-2491 - Front - Click on facets title (expand/collapse) launched a bad query, due to jquery error.
  • PHRAS-2510 - Front - Facets values appear Truncated after 15th character.
  • PHRAS-2153 - Front - No user search possible with the field "Company" and field "Country".
  • PHRAS-2154 - Front - Bug on Chrome only - selected 1 document instead of all for the feedback.
  • PHRAS-2538 - Back - Some MP4 files were not correctly detected by Phraseanet.
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@nmaillat nmaillat released this Mar 26, 2019 · 219 commits to 4.0 since this release


New features and Improvement:

  • PHRAS-2452 - Back / Front - Upload: Distant files can be added via their URL in GUI and by API. Phraseanet downloads the file before archiving it.
  • PHRAS-2475 - Back - Search optimisation when searching in full text, number or date value (query mix from different types of fields).
  • PHRAS-1364 - Back - Search optimisation, it's now possible to search a partial date in full text.
  • PHRAS-2473 - Back - Populate optimisation, now populating time: 3 times faster.
  • PHRAS-2468 - Back - It is now possible to migrate from 3.1 3.0 version to 4.X, without an intermediate step in 3.8.


  • PHRAS-2467 - Front - Search filter are not taken into account du to a bug in JS.
  • PHRAS-2437 - Front - Overlay title: In this field, text is repeated twice if : one or several words are highlighted in the field, and if the title contains more than 102 characters.
  • PHRAS-2447 - Front - List Manager: not possible to add users in the list manager after page 3.
  • PHRAS-2424 - Front - List of fields is not refreshed in the exported fields section.
  • PHRAS-2290 - Front - Push and Feedback fix error when adding a user when Geonames is not set (null value in Geonames).


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@nmaillat nmaillat released this Feb 28, 2019 · 256 commits to 4.0 since this release



  • PHRAS-1985 - Enhancement - Front - Advanced search refacto.
  • PHRAS-1831 - Enhancement - Back - Thesaurus search is now in strict mode.
  • PHRAS-144 - Enhancement - Front / Back - Refactoring of Report Module.
  • PHRAS-2033 - Enhancement - Front / Back - Refactoring query storage and changing strategy for field search restriction.
  • PHRAS-2300 - Enhancement - Front - It is now possible to search for terms in thesaurus and candidates in all languages, not only on the login language .
  • PHRAS-2231 - Enhancement - Back - Enhancement on archive task.
  • PHRAS-2348 - Enhancement - Front - Graphic enhancements for menu and icons.
  • PHRAS-2408 - Enhancement - Back - Video file ehancement, Support of MXF container.
  • PHRAS-2413 - Enhancement - Back - extraction of video soundtrack. has MP3 MP4 WAVE...
  • PHRAS-2433 - Enhancement - Back - For Office documents, all generated subviews will be PDF assets by default. The flexpaper preview still exists but will be optional.
  • PHRAS-440 - Enhancement - Front - In Prod Gui , limit the facets number to 5 but add "load more" facets.


  • PHRAS-2230 - Front - Quarantine fix, when substituting a Document. (bug introduced in 4.0.0).
  • PHRAS- - Front - Quarantine fix, when a file name of uploaded file includes a special character in the name.
  • PHRAS-2225 - Back - Fix for adobecc default token.
  • PHRAS-2275 - Back/Front - XSS fullfill in Prod , Admin , Lightbox, thank to Krzysztof Szulski.
  • PHRAS-2436 - Back - PDF containing (XMP-xmp:PageImage) Fails generating subview.
  • PHRAS-2171 - Back - Mimetype are truncated.
  • PHRAS-2448 - Back - Vagrant dev environment fix.
  • PHRAS-1814 - Front - Feedback - sort asset Order by best choice, has no effect.
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@nmaillat nmaillat released this Sep 7, 2018 · 536 commits to 4.0 since this release


  • Enhancement: Prod | For a record, show the current day in the statistics section of the detailed view.
  • Enhancement: Prod | Store state (open or closed) of facet answer. eg: Database or collection, store in session.
  • Enhancement: Admin | Access to scheduler and task local menu when parameter is set to false in .yml configuration.
  • Enhancement: Prod | Database, collection and document type facets are fixed on top
  • Enhancement: Prod | Better rendering for values of exposure, shtter speed and flash status in facets. eg for shutter speed: 1/30 instead of 0,0333333.
  • Enhancement: Versions 4 are now compliant with the Phraseanet plugins for Adobe CC Suite.
  • Enhancement: White list mode: extending autoregistration and adding wildcard access condition by mail domain. Automatically grant access to a user according to the email entered in the request.
  • Enhancement: Find your douments from the colors in the facets (AI plugin)
  • Enhancement: Generate a PDF from a Word document or a picture, it's now possible to define a pdf subview type
  • Enhancement: Specify a temporary work repository for building video subdefs, to accelerate video generation.


  • BugFix: Prod | In Upload, correct status are not loaded
  • BugFix: Prod | Arrow keys navigation adds last selected facet as filter
  • BugFix: Admin | Subdef presets, sizes and bitrates (bits/s) not OK
  • BugFix: Admin | App error on loading in French due to a simple quote
  • BugFix: Prod | Deletion message is not fully readable when deleting a story
  • BugFix: Fixing highlight with Elasticsearch for full text only, not for the thesaurus
  • BugFix: 500 error at the first authentication for a user with the SAML Phraseanet plugin


  • Dev | Fix API version returned in answer
  • Dev | Fix vagrant provisioning for Windows
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@nmaillat nmaillat released this Nov 17, 2017 · 767 commits to 4.0 since this release


  • Enhancement: Prod | Message Improv, when selected records are in Trash and another one.
  • Enhancement: Prod | alt-click on active facets (filter) to invert it.
  • Enhancement: Prod | do not erase facets in filter when returning 0 answers.
  • Enhancement: Core | Add preference to authorize user connection without an email
  • Enhancement: Core | Add preference to set default validity period of download link


  • BugFix: thesaurus | 0 character terms are blocked
  • BugFix: admin | fix action create and drop index from elasticsearch
  • BugFix: prod | fix ADVANCED SEARCH : no filters possible on fields using IE
  • BugFix: prod | 500 error in publication reader when record is missing (deleted from db)
  • BugFix: unit test | fix error in Json serialization for custom link
  • BugFix: prod | fix field list in advanced search with Edge browser
  • BugFix: upload | fix 500 error when missing collection
  • BugFix: install wizard | fix error in graphical installer
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@moctardiouf moctardiouf released this Oct 25, 2017 · 862 commits to 4.0 since this release



  • Asset Downloading issue : fixing download issue due to custom Link.
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@nmaillat nmaillat released this Oct 20, 2017 · 869 commits to 4.0 since this release

Phraseanet 4.0 in a few figures:

549 Ticket are included in this version.

  • 20,2% of brand new features,
  • 35,7% enhancements added,
  • 44,1% bugs which have been fixed!

Here are the new major developments:




  • Faceted navigation. Enables to create a "mapping" of the response. Browse in a very intuitive way by creating several associations of filters.

  • Speed of processing and display search is improved



  • API order
  • Search query V2: faster query routes, returns only record ids



  • Enhanced ergonomics, screens such as the detailed view have been redesigned 
  • New white and grey skins are now available 
  • Permalinks sharing: activate/deactivate sharing links for the document and sub resolutions



  • Applicative trash:
    • you can now define a collection named < _TRASH_ >.
      Then, all deleted records from collections (except from < _TRASH_> ) go to the Trash collection.
    • Permalinks on subdefs are deactivated.
    • When you delete a record from the Trash collection, the record is permanently deleted.
    • When you move a record from the Trash collection to another, the permalink is reactivated.
    • This feature is only with GUI, not by the API. By APi you need to make move between collection.


  • Rewriting of the task scheduler based on the web sockets
  • Quarantine enhancement in GUI and back
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@bburnichon bburnichon released this Dec 2, 2015 · 2836 commits to master since this release

  • New grammar and query parser.
  • New requirement node >= 0.12.0
  • First pass of front-end refactor
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@bburnichon bburnichon released this Dec 2, 2015 · 68 commits to 3.8 since this release

  • BugFix: Wrong BaseController used when no plugin installed.
  • BugFix: Mismatch in CORS configuration
  • BugFix: all subdefs are shown when permalink is available in prod imagetools
  • BugFix: Empty labels are considered as valid
  • BugFix: Error 500 on prod imagetools when insufficient rights
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Nov 9, 2015
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