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Phraseanet docker deployement
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Phraseanet Docker stack


  • docker-compose
  • docker >=v18.01-ce


Docker images

You have to build the phraseanet images from the Phraseanet repository (follow the README instruction inside it).


All the binding will be made inside one directory on your host : you have to create this dorectory at your prefered location.

Inside this directory, create the following subdirectories :


You can also let the helper ./bin/ create all theses directories for you :

./bin/ <path_to_your_volume_dir>


Copy the env.dist file to an .env file and edit this file accordingly to your environment, especially :

  • PHRASEANET_DOCKER_TAG : tag of the Docker images. Set it to the tag you choose during the build phase. By defaut, it's set to master.
  • VOLUMES_DIR : the path you've chosen as volumes to store Phraseanet data on your host.
  • INSTALL_ACCOUNT_EMAIL : the email address that will be used for the fist account
  • INSTALL_ACCOUNT_PASSWORD : the according password
  • PHRASEANET_APP_PORT : the port of the HTTP application (default=8082)

If you are not interested in the developpement of Phraseanet, you can ignore everything after the DEV Purpose annotation.

You can set every parameters according to your preferences.

Run the service

To mount the service, go to the project root directory and run :

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d

Why this option -f docker-compose.yml ?

The development and integration concerns are separated using a docker-compose.override.yml. By default, docker-compose will include this files if it exists.

If you don't work on phraseanet developpement, avoiding this -f docker-compose.yml parameters will throw errors. So you have to add this options on every docker-compose commands to avoid this inclusion.

You can also delete the docker-compose.override.yml to get free from this behavior.

Using the application

You can start your browser with localhost and the port you have configured on .env. The default parameters allow you to reach the app with : http://localhost:8082

How to get application logs

Run the following command at the root directory level :

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml logs -f

re-build application

To apply the last configuration changes made on every side service (db, elaticsearch. etc), run :

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml build

Stop the application

You can stop the application with :

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml down

All your data will be kept for the next usage.

Development mode

You need to mount your code onto the container via volumes The var ALCHEMY_WORKSPACE_DIR must be set to the location of your Phraseanet workspace.

The developpement mode uses the docker-compose-override.yml file.

You can run it with :

docker-compose up -d

To get logs :

docker-compose logs -f

The environment is not yet ready : you have to fetch all dependencies.

This can be made easily from the phraseanet container :

docker-compose run phraseanet make

How to change volumes location

Before moving all the files, or to use a different location, you have to remove all containers and volume definitions with the following command :

docker-compose down --volumes

Then move the files and set the VOLUMES_DIR to the new location.

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