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Alchemy Code Final Projects - August 2020

Welcome to Alchemy Code Lab!

These students are finishing our professional software development training. They are the first group to start with us remotely, and have learned to code, collaborate and be incredible teammates working from their homes. Following you will find their Final Projects which harnesses the use of React, Redux, MongoDB, NodeJS, Express, and more. These projects were built in a one week sprint, remotely.

Our emphasis on process, regular testing and immersive lab sessions allow our grads to understand how their coding works and why it does what it does. As the only engineering education in town that serves Portland and Portland only, combined with in-person training by experienced senior software developers, our grads are real contributors. We stay on top of the most used technologies and aim for our grads to evolve Portland's economy and community through the companies they go to work for. Here is an overview of their syllabus through our Career Track training.

Below is an overview of the apps presented and links to their sites and video of their presentations. Links to the LinkedIn profile each student is also included.

Songs About Humanity :: Melissa Smoot, Jaime Sanders, Hunter Danielson, & Joey Leaptrott

Songs About Humanity allows players to join rooms and compete to give the best song recommendations when given a prompt (similar to Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity) in real-time. Front-end was built with React, Redux, and, back-end with Node and, with music playing and searching done via the Spotify API and Spotify web playback SDK.

DropZone :: Erik Ford, Dan Bennington, Jake Pendergraft, Lucia Brammer, & Max Lamb

DropZone allows users to get straight to the action of earning in game rewards by watching their favorite streamers live on Twitch. Cut through the hassle of having to search through hundreds of games and thousands of streamers and get straight to earning drops!

FloraFile :: Breeann Bolinsky, Briseida Pagador, Rachel Donahue, Nikki Kiga, & Langston Beckwith-Stanley

FloraFile is a pocket garden application that allows plant newbies and botanists alike to search for plants based on their common or scientific names and get details about the plant as well as a gallery of images for identifying the plant.

If you have questions about the program or want to talk about hiring one of our grads, please connect with Shannon Rasimas at!