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Alchemy Is Hiring!

Alchemy Code Lab is one of the most comprehensive software development training programs, ranked #1 in the U.S. by grad reviews on Switchup. In addition to producing consistently high graduate outcomes in job placement, tier, and starting salary, we specialize in training ambitious career switchers to become exceptional software developers. Our depth of instruction, emphasis on care and quality code, and supportive community produce outcomes that are truly unique among code schools. Our instructors are intelligent, excited about their craft, and very experienced - they're a big part of what makes us different.

Open Positions:

All instruction is currently being offered remotely. Alchemy is actively planning what hybrid tech training means in a post-pandemic world. We are open to instructors anywhere in the US, but let's discuss what our mutual long term future might look like.


Since we founded Alchemy in 2016, increasing representation in tech among marginalized groups has been part of our mission. We have followed through on that commitment internally by investing in DE&I training and by providing staff tools and support to foster an inclusive environment. This includes focusing on how we are structured and our policies and practices. We also have continuously focused on attracting and supporting the growth of participants in our program from a number of underrepresented communities. We have work still to do, but we are deeply committed to doing the work to make Alchemy and our industry more inclusive.

More About Us

Check out our website and blog to learn more about our incredible community!


Alchemy Is Hiring!


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