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CircleCI | Security Scanning Kubernetes Cluster & Workloads Hygiene

CircleCI Orb Registry:

Alcide Advisor is an agentless Kubernetes audit, compliance and hygiene scanner that’s built to ensure a friciton free DevSecOps workflows. Alcide Advisor can be plugged early in the development process and before moving to production.

With Alcide Advisor, the security checks you can cover includes:

  • Kubernetes infrastructure vulnerability scanning.
  • Hunting misplaced secrets, or excessive priviliges for secret access.
  • Workload hardening from Pod Security to network policies.
  • Istio security configuration and best practices.
  • Ingress Controllers for security best practices.
  • Kubernetes API server access privileges.
  • Kubernetes operators security best practices.
  • Deployment conformance to labeling, annotating, resource limits and much more ...

Alcide Advisor security checks are being added and updated on a regular basis.

VIDEO: Alcide Advisor Overview

CircleCI Integration


Alcide Kubernetes Advisor runs against a kubernetes cluster and requires access to kubeconfig to authenticate & authorize itself to the cluster.

If your pipeline can run kubectl commands against the cluster successfully - you should be ready to initiate a scan.

To run against GKE, add the variable GCLOUD_SERVICE_KEY under Project Settings --> Build Settings --> Environment Variables and paste into the value the content of GCP service account file.

CircleCI Example

CircleCI Pipeline Example

version: 2
      - image: buildpack-deps:trusty
      - FOO: bar
    working_directory: ~/my-app
      - checkout
      - run:
          name: Build and Test code repo
          command: |
            echo "Building and Testing"

      - image: google/cloud-sdk
      - PROJECT_NAME: "my-app"
      - GOOGLE_PROJECT_ID: "projid-11111"
      - GOOGLE_COMPUTE_ZONE: "us-east1-d"
      - GOOGLE_CLUSTER_NAME: "demo-cluster"
      - checkout
      - run:
          name: Setup Google Cloud SDK
          command: |
            apt-get install -qq -y gettext
            echo $GCLOUD_SERVICE_KEY > ${HOME}/gcloud-service-key.json
            gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file=${HOME}/gcloud-service-key.json
            gcloud --quiet config set project ${GOOGLE_PROJECT_ID}
            gcloud --quiet config set compute/zone ${GOOGLE_COMPUTE_ZONE}
            gcloud --quiet container clusters get-credentials ${GOOGLE_CLUSTER_NAME}
      - run: 
          name: Deploy to Kubernetes
          command: |
            echo "kubectl apply -f ${HOME}/some_new_resource.yml"
            echo "kubectl rollout status deployment/${PROJECT_NAME}"
      - run: 
          name: Alcide Kubernetes Advisor Cluster Scan
          command: |
            curl -o kube-advisor
            chmod +x kube-advisor
            export CURRENT_CONTEXT=`kubectl config current-context`
            ./kube-advisor --eula-sign validate cluster --cluster-context $CURRENT_CONTEXT --namespace-include="*" --outfile /tmp/kube-advisor-report.html
      - store_artifacts:
          path: /tmp/kube-advisor-report.html
          destination: alcide-advisor-scan-report.html            
  version: 2
      - build_and_test
      - deploy_and_scan:
            - build_and_test
              only: master


Feedback and issues

If you have feedback or issues, please email to our Support

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Alcide Kubernetes Advisor

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