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Erlang tasks for Mix

This project provides a few Mix tasks that make it more convenient to use Mix as a build tool and package manager when developing applications in Erlang.

Mix automates and simplifies a lot of development tasks: adding and fetching dependencies, compilation, running test suites, generating documentation from source code, etc. It integrates with Hex to be able to push and fetch packages from and it also supports custom tasks. A few good examples of the latter would be dialyze and release.

You can get Mix by installing Elixir or by downloading a standalone mix escript from (see section Using with Erlang) and putting it in your PATH.

Once installed, create a new project for your Erlang application.

Choose how you'd like to install the custom tasks:

  1. As an archive:

    mix archive.install

    This will make the custom tasks available to mix regardless of where it is invoked, just like the builtin tasks are.

  2. Add mix_erlang_tasks as a dependency to your project:

    # in your mix.exs
    defp deps do
      [{:mix_erlang_tasks, "0.1.0"}]

    This will make the new tasks available only in the root directory of your Mix project.

Once installed, you'll have the following tasks available:

$ mix eunit          # run EUnit tests
$ mix ct             # run Common Test suites
$ mix edoc           # generate HTML documentation from the source

See example project at


This software is licensed under the MIT license.


Common tasks for Erlang projects that use Mix




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