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Contributing to Alda

The Alda project is composed of a number of subprojects, each of which has its own GitHub repo:

  • alda is the "main" repository.

    It includes a build.boot file that we use to pull together all of the subprojects and build the alda (or alda.exe, for Windows users) command-line executable.

    This repo also includes the Alda documentation, installation instructions, and downloadable releases. It serves as a landing page for newcomers to Alda.

  • alda-client-java is the Alda command-line client, written in Java.

  • alda-server-clj is the Alda server process, which runs in the background and handles commands from the client. The server is implemented in Clojure.

  • alda-core is the core implementation of Alda in the form of a Clojure library.

    This library includes the code that parses and compiles an Alda score into a data format that is "ready to play" by the server.

  • alda-sound-engine-clj is the part that interprets and plays the fully-realized score.

  • is the source code for the official Alda website.

    The website is currently under construction. We could use your help to make it look awesome and make sure it has all the information it needs!

Pull requests to any of these repos are warmly welcomed. Please feel free to take on any open issue that interests you.

For a syrupy visual of what we have on our plate, check out our board.


  • Fork the repository and make changes on your fork.
  • See the README of each Alda subproject repo for details useful for developing that component. You will find information like how to run and test that component locally and how to run the unit tests.
  • Test your changes and make sure everything is working. Please add to the unit tests whenever it is appropriate.
  • Submit a Pull Request.
  • Your Pull Request should get the Dave Yarwood Seal of Approval™ before being merged. (Don't worry, he's not hard to win over.)

If you're confused about how any aspect of the code works (Clojure questions, "what does this piece of code do," "can you walk me through how this works," etc.), don't hesitate to ask questions on the issue you're working on, or pop into the #development channel in the Alda Slack group -- we'll be more than happy to help!

Building the alda (or alda.exe) executable

Dave is responsible for deploying subprojects to Clojars and building and releasing the latest builds of alda and alda.exe.

However, if you'd like to build a custom alda executable yourself (e.g. for funsies or as an experiment), the process is documented here.