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1.1.0 (2018-12-01)

New feature alert!

An "alternate
feature has been added to the Alda language. The syntax looks like this:

  [ c8 d e f
    [g f e4]'1-3
    [g a b > c4.]'4

This allows you to have repeated phrases that can differ on each iteration. In
the example above, each repeat starts with c8 d e f; on times 1 through 3
through the repeated phrase, the phrase ends with g f e4, whereas on the 4th
time through, the phrase ends with g a b > c4..

Note that these "adjustments" can occur anywhere within the repeated phrase, not
necessarily at the end, making this feature of Alda more flexible than the
"alternate endings" notation seen in sheet music. To illustrate this, here is
another example where the phrase has what you might describe as an "alternate
beginning" and an "alternate middle":

  [ [c8 d e]'1,3 [e8 d c]'1,3
    [g f e]'1-3 [g a b]'4
    > c <

Thanks to @elyisgreat for the initial idea/discussion and @pzxwang for
implementing the feature! 🎈