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XenCenter / XCP-ng Center - PlayOnLinux Vault (Wine)
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XenCenter / XCP-ng Center - PlayOnLinux Vault (Wine i386)

How to install (3 steps)

  1. Install wine ( and playonlinux (
  2. In PlayOnLinux use the option Plugins -> PlayOnLinux Vault to install/restore the xencenter.polApp file (
  3. Connect in your XenServer/XCP-ng with port 80, example:

XCP-ng Center is "same" of XenCenter, you can use it to connect in your Citrix XenServer.

Maybe the first start is very slowly, just have a little patience.

Need update?

You can update manually installing new version of XenCenter/XCP-ng Center inside of lastest release or patience to wait one new realease in this repository.

Alert! Security risk

  • You need connect in servers with port 80, the default port not work. Caution for use out of our local network!

How to re-build

If you not trust me or Need re-make this work? Go a head!

  1. Install wine (
  2. Install playonlinux (
  3. Make the prefix
  4. Install dependencies in prefix Internet Explorer 8; .NET Framework 2.0 SP2; .NET Framework 4.7.2
  5. Install XenCenter/XCP-ng Center

Install IE8 and .NET 2.0 in winXP version. To .NET 4.7.2 use win7 version.

Not work?

oh, damn! Sorry, but, i using Debian 9.9 (amd64) with Wine 4.0 (i386), this run with good stability for me home server/personal use. I use the package playonlinux of debian official contrib repository and wine package is from official wine stable repository.

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