Repository for Django Dash 2012. Contains a Django-based social bookmarking app. Meant to be federated, but didn't make it that far during the time limit.
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Repository for Django Dash 2012.

If I ever get heroku to work, the app will appear at


tamli is a pathetically generic social bookmarking app, crushed into mediocrity by high expectations and unfamiliar tools. judges, please don't waste too much time looking at it. basically everyone else's app must be better.

screenshot of it actually working locally, thanks for nothing heroku

known bugs:

  • the subscribe links won't go away on the me+subs tab, whyyy
  • me + subscriptions tab bookmarks are in the opposite order, concatenating querysets sucks
  • external pings and actual federation architecture need to exist
  • pagination, what
  • password changes / account email / etc etc
  • ugly-ass fonts / actual site graphics