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* using android NDK r19c
* updated to boost 1.70.0
* removed support for FreeBSD
* lt:make sure session cleanup releases all its references to torrents
* lt:track the mapped port for each NAT mapping transport
* lt:optimize resolve_duplicate_filenames_slow()
* lt:use a more restrictive limit on number of pieces allowed in a torrent
* lt:improve disk I/O logging
* lt:always flush disk I/O job queue before shutdown
* lt:fix typo in validation of reject messages. Make on_choke a bit more
* lt:tighten up validation of dont-have messages
* lt:tighten up validation of reject messages, to ensure consistency of stats
* lt:tighten up message size checks
* lt:update symlinks to conform to BEP 47
* lt:source code cleanup, performance and stability
* updated to OpenSSL 1.1.1b
* using android NDK r19b
* lt:add support for creating symlinks, for torrents with symlinks in them
* lt:allow padfiles of equal size to share the same filename
* lt:fix seed_mode flag
* lt:support numeric suffixes to magnet link parameter names
* lt:added FrostWire's client ID
* lt:don't try to hash empty read in do_uncached_hash
* lt:don't copy a vector into the async_write operation for iovec
* lt:on linux, link against lbdl when using openssl
* lt:use UNC paths pervasively on windows
* lt:source code cleanup, performance and stability
* updated to boost 1.69.0
* experimental support for android posix hook
* libtorrent release 1.2.0
* lt:only allow cwnd to be reduced so often (utp)
* lt:avoid announcing local ip to private tracker
* lt:don't treat loss of MTU probe packet as a congestion signal (utp)
* lt:make sure we reset the duplicate ack counter every time we don't receive
a duplicate ack (utp)
* lt:remove old (incompatible) sequence number build option (utp)
* lt:don't leave slow-start just because we hit the advertized receive window
* lt:simplify and improve the uTP deferred ACK logic to respond earlier
* lt:improve logic for fast-retransmitting packets on incoming SACK
* lt:improve utp verbose logging a bit and make the parser pull out more
* lt:restore permissions on directories to 1.1. i.e. rely on umask
* lt:minor fix to invalid_request_alert logging
* lt:source code cleanup, performance and stability
* updated to OpenSSL 1.1.1a
* using android NDK r18b
* removed posix wrapper hack
* added support for BEP 53
* fixed priority values
* lt:add assignment operator to span
* lt:fix %u -> %d format codes
* lt:fix deprecation markup in torrent_status
* lt:tweak heuristic of how to interpret url seeds in multi-file torrents
* lt:added more TORRENT_DEPRECATED_ENUM and deprecated unused aio_max in
* lt:take a string_view in setting_by_name
* lt:fix typo in peer log
* lt:deprecate start_default_features flag, it's only used in deprecated API
* lt:remove verbose peer logging
* lt:make stack_allocator::format_string() grow the buffer for large strings
* lt:move where socket buffers are set up, to happen after the socket is
opened. log errors in the peer's log instead of session and torrent
* lt:add stats counter for the number of outstanding async_accept calls
* lt:fix potential issue where the dht port message is sent before the peer
* lt:correct %u format code for pieces in printf() calls
* lt:attempt to fix an assert for a newly connected peer that disconnects just
as we receive the metadata
* lt:don't use page aligned disk buffers
* lt:include &ipv4= for private trackers
* lt:add support for &ipv4= tracker argument
* lt:use new bdecoder in ut_metadata class
* lt:fix redundant bytes overflow
* lt:check for self-assignment in bitfield operator=
* lt:initialize bencoded ints with zero when constructed
* lt:exit natpmp::on_reply earlier if we're shutting down
* lt:fix setting ipv6 interface
* lt:a better fix to the ssl port announce bug
* lt:perfect forward async handlers for udp_socket to underlying asio socket
* lt:move the whole add_torrent_params object into save_resume_data_alert
* lt:actually fix the issue with the second tracker announce with port 0
* lt:remove redundant MTU boundary checks
* lt:fix of asio-debugging build in natpmp. resend_request could be called
directly, not only as a handler for an async operation
* lt:fix move_storage with save_path with a trailing slash
* lt:only make snubbed peers invert the piece picking strategy when we're
doing rarest first
* lt:source code cleanup, performance and stability
* lt:ssl listen port fix and improved tracker announce logging
* lt:properly tear down the disk_io_thread object in set_piece_hashes() when
exiting via an exception
* lt:make throwing versions of read_resume_data
* lt:fix overflow in sliding_average in the case of very high download rates
* lt:renamed debug_notification to connect_notification
* lt:fix issue in udp_socket with unusual socket failure
* lt:utp close-reason use after free fix
* lt:source code cleanup, performance and stability
* starting from jlibtorrent
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