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Post-installation scripts for GNU/Linux systems
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Post-installation Scripts

Post-installation scripts for managing app/repos, configuration settings, and hardware information.

  • masterscript is configured to work on Arch Linux based distributions.
  • masterscript-ubuntu is configured to work on Ubuntu based distributions (unmaintained).

Original Author: Sam Hewitt

Feel free to fork this project, modify to suit your preference, and distribute.


This project is coded and organized in a modular fashion so you can easily delete or exclude parts that you don't want to use.


Simple, you just run the main script from the root of the source folder:


Or you can store this scriptset in some directory, and add that location to your custom shell paths to run on-demand. For example, adding it as the following line to your .bashrc or .zshrc (editing the path appropriately):

export PATH=${PATH}:$HOME/.scripts/

configscript Script

The purpose of this script is to:

  • Create local configuration files to overide system settings.
  • Create symbolic links of configuration files/folders from a backup.
  • Modify system settings.
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