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Typescript definition file for RAML


The following Typescript file will serve multiple purposes ( in order of importance ):

  1. Enable Typescript tools to consume the output of the raml-js-parser in a type-safe manner
  2. Provide an additional source of documentation for developers trying to get their heads around the RAML spec
  3. Move towards a canonical javascript/json representation for RAML that other Javascript based tools can support

Considering the above, some comments to keep in mind:

  • The starting point for this definition is highly influenced by the output of the pre-existing JS parser ( remember goal N1 ). We will probably be able to influence its design in future iterations as we move towards goal N3.
  • The official RAML Spec is the only authoritative source
  • Not every possible clever refactoring or Typescript idiom will be used ( to achieve goal N 2 )


  • YAML and JSON are differnet. This will leak
  • Even if we define one canonical RAML model for JSON, there will always be at least 3 different models in reality:
  • Complete/Strict model - ex: the output of parsing a valid RAML file
  • Incomplete model - ex: the output of parsing a RAML file which is being edited ( by a parser that supports this kind of use case )
  • Complete + Interpretation - The fully expanded model ( with resource types and traits interpreted )

How can you use this?

  • Read the source for now. Suggest edits, etc.
  • RAML is complex enough to require some advanced Typescript concepts that didn't make it to 1.3 ( Type Aliases and Union Types )
  • If you are in a hurry, check out the pre-release of the CATS IDE


Documentation references the official Spec

Everything is typed - autocomplete to the rescue ;)

Takes advantage of advanced Typescript features

Union Types

And more!


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