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The Aldor Programming Language

Building the compiler

The directory aldor contains a build infrastructure based on the GNU build system: libtool, autoconf and automake. In order to use it, you will need these tools, and run the command ./ After that, you can set up the build with ./configure and start it with make.

The build system supports parallel builds with make -jN where N is the number of parallel tasks (generally: number of logical CPU cores + 2).

You can run ./configure --prefix=/install/path to select the path you want to install aldor to (in this case /install/path, but you will likely want a different path).

Reporting issues

Questions about compiler and library behaviour are best asked on the public mailing list. For issues such as inexplicable program crashes, compiler crashes, incorrect code generation, etc., the issue tracker is the place to report them.

When reporting an issue, it is best to provide a minimal test case that we can use to reproduce your issue. If the issue occurs with interpreted code, you can test it on the latest version of the compiler and interpreter provided at Try Aldor.

Report format

In order to facilitate machine-aided processing of tickets, we recommend that any code illustrating the issue you are reporting be formatted in github flavoured Markdown. The first line of a file should contain the file name in a comment. A precise definition of the expected format will be added to the wiki, later.