webMAN MOD 1.45.10

@aldostools aldostools released this Jan 13, 2017 · 1 commit to master since this release

  • Removed popup for BAD REQUEST / SERVER BUSY errors
  • Changed combo R2+TRIANGLE to also disable CFW syscall 8 (Restart is needed to mount games).

    To partially disable SC8, go to /setup.ps3 and change PS3MAPI to ENABLE (next to the combo)

  • Syscall 8 now shows 'Partially disabled' in /home.ps3mapi if it was partially removed
  • Resized arrays for disable Syscalls (17 -> 16)
  • Reduced LaunchPad limit from 500 to 300 (This is to avoid system freeze due memory overload)
  • Adder more boundary checks generating XML of LaunchPad
  • LaunchPad XML now is scanned only if wm_launchpad.xml exists in /dev_hdd0/tmp
  • Moved position of 'Rename' in File Manager right-click menu


webMAN MOD 1.45.09

@aldostools aldostools released this Jan 7, 2017 · 3 commits to master since this release

  • PKG HANDLER, PKG LAUNCHER & MOUNT_ROMS now are standard features in all editions
  • Restored LaunchPad feature to FULL edition
  • Removed redirection of custom FW update returning to XMB (fixes the error 80028E01 accessing PSN; thanks to Joonie)
  • Added option to mount PS2ISO with ps2_netemu on B/C consoles using Cobra 7.5
    (use the tag [netemu] in the file name or add ?emu=ps2_netemu whem mounting a PS2ISO)

  • Added free space graphic for /dev_flash on File Manager

  • Mount /app_home or /dev_bdvd now perform unmount
  • Added disable CFW syscalls: 15, 202, 20

  • Fixed detection of firmware version for 4.81 DECR

  • Fixed exclusion of NTFS games with parenthesis ").ntfs[x"

  • Added PKG with rebugification & metalification themes by Berion

  • VSH Menu now installs 2 new background themes by Berion

  • Updated ps3netsrv build 20170106


  • Jan 7, 2017


    webMAN MOD 1.45.08
    - Removed redirection of custom FW update returning to XMB
    (fixes the error 80028E01 accessing PSN; thanks to Joonie)
    - Added free space graphic for /dev_flash on File Manager
    - Mount /app_home or /dev_bdvd now perform unmount
    - Renamed enable_netemu_cobra to enable_ps2netemu_cobra
    - Added disable CFW syscalls: 202, 20
    - Updated ps3netsrv build 20170106
    - Added creation of PKG with rebugification theme by Berion
    - VSH Menu now installs 2 new background themes by Berion

webMAN MOD 1.45.05

@aldostools aldostools released this Dec 11, 2016 · 10 commits to master since this release

  • Added support for 4.81 DEX
  • Added support for the optional PKG Launcher
    • Added support for mounting /GAMEI games (only usb fat32)
    • Added support for scanning & mounting /ROMS and subfolders (only hdd0 & usb fat32)
    • Added ROMS category to game lists XMB & HTML
  • Added support for display of localized title in PARAM.SFO
  • Added check to prevent deletion of XMB icon of external games
  • netclient & rawseciso threads now keep working after unload webman
  • LaunchPad top icons now use localized strings
  • Fixed external game data not auto-enabled with [gd] tag on ntfs
  • Fixed nonCobra edition not using mM's IEXP0_470.BIN on 4.81
  • Fixed default file name used for ISO created by /copy.ps3/net0/***PS3***/ or /***DVD***/
  • Fixed video rec combo required another combo enabled
  • Updated "vanilla" editions with support for 4.81 CEX

  • Merged wm_url_launcher & PKG Launcher projects

  • Updated libntfs_ext.a in prepNTFS (same version as IRISMAN)
  • Updated latest FW version in prepNTFS (used to skip fix games)

Note: Support for webMAN LaunchPad add-on has been removed in 1.45.05.


  • Dec 8, 2016


    webMAN MOD 1.45.03
    - Fixed regression caused PS1 ISO could not be mounted
    - Now performs an unmount before mount a ROMS game
  • Dec 7, 2016


    webMAN MOD 1.45.03
    - Added option to scan /ROMS folder & subfolders
    - Added ROMS category to game lists XMB & HTML
    - Added support for 4.81 DEX
    - Fixed video rec combo required another combo enabled
    - Fixed default file name used for ISO created by /***PS3***/
    - Added compilation scripts for linux
    - Merged wm_url_launcher & PKG Launcher projects
    - Updated latest FW version in prepNTFS (used to skip fix games)

webMAN MOD 1.45.02

@aldostools aldostools released this Nov 6, 2016 · 36 commits to master since this release

  • Added support for CFW 4.81 CEX
  • webMAN LaunchPAD: now sort by game type (can be disabled)
  • webMAN LaunchPAD: fixed icon for .ntfs[BDFILE]
  • Fix toggle Cobra on non-Rebug CFW running full edition


webMAN MOD 1.45.01

@aldostools aldostools released this Oct 16, 2016 · 52 commits to master since this release

⚠️ if upgrading from webMAN 1.43 or lower, settings must be configured again in /setup.ps3!!!! ⚠️

What's new

  • 🆕 New USER/ADMIN security mode: 🆕

    • Added the new combo L2+R2+TRIANGLE to toggle USER/ADMIN mode (disabled by default)
    • Several functions will be limited while the plugin is in USER mode, including:
      Access to /dev_blind, FTP server, ps3mapi, delete, copy, show IDPS, file manager, virtual pad...
    • Added /admin.ps3?enable&pwd=<pwd> to change mode
    • Added pwd=<pwd> parameter to the web commands:
      /setup.ps3, /install.ps3, /download.ps3, /restart.ps3, /shutdown.ps3, /browse.ps3
  • Added option to mute SND0.AT3 of mounted game when disc icon is selected on XMB 🙉

  • Added option to prevent auto-power off on ftp, install, download (except on Lite edition)
    (in previous version the option was enabled through USB polling)

  • Added web command /md5.ps3/<file> to full edition.


  • Fixed PSP games not mounted due fail copying icon ⚠️

  • Fixed fan controller paused during PKG installation via combo 🔥

  • Fixed Remove SingStar Icon (thanks to bguerville)

  • Fixed option Remove SingStar Icon couldn't be changed

  • Fixed dup. games listing on full edition if remote net server is unavailable

Changes & improvements

  • Mounting from XMB now always close folders (even if autoplay is off) 🚀
    (This option can be disabled unchecking PLAY DISC combo)

  • Some system combos now work only on XMB (e.g toggler cobra, rebug togglers) 🎮

  • Fixed /net games not listed in Last Game list of File Manager

  • The LED on the console now always blink while game is mounting

  • Added 3 seconds timeout to ps3netsrv connections

Changes in other components:

  • Fixed crash still happening on ps3netsrv (Windows version) ⚡️
  • VSH Menu 1.12: Fixed not loading VSH menu after install a pkg from VSH menu's File manager


webMAN MOD 1.45.00

@aldostools aldostools released this Oct 13, 2016 · 53 commits to master since this release

  • New settings file: /dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_config.bin
    ⚠️ webMAN settings must be configured again in /setup.ps3!!!! ⚠️

  • PS3 Web browser now closes faster after mount from XMB

  • Added prevention of 'Auto power off' (only when USB polling is enabled)

  • Added SYSCON as option for fan controller

  • FTP port now can be defined in /setup.ps3 (default port: 21)

  • Added option to define ftp session timeout (0=no timeout)
  • Added APPEND command to ftp server

Changes in web commands

  • Added /swap.ps3 command
  • Added ?restart.ps3 parameter to install, copy, delete, rename
  • Added ?cover=<mode> parameter to /refresh.ps3 & /index.ps3
  • Added refresh launchpad only: /index.ps3?launchpad
  • /install.ps3?url= now deletes the pkg after install.
  • To keep the downloaded pkg use /install_ps3?url=

Improvements & fixes

  • Launchpad now use local icons (if they are available)
  • LaunchPad items now are listed sorted alphabetically
  • Changed /refresh.ps3 in LaunchPad to /index.ps3?launchpad

  • Language now defaults to English if the setting has a bad value

  • USB polling setting now don't need a restart if it's changed
  • Auto Power Off registry setting now is restored after reboot
  • Added check value range to fan settings when loaded
  • 'Slider' link now is visible only if the html file exists

  • Fixed auto-play disc too short wait

  • Fixed auto-play not working for all PSXISO
  • Fixed listing of net games if net game was mounted & server was disconnected
  • Fixed error 80010006 when hdd0/tmp/downloader doesn't exist
  • Fixed broken support for FlashFXP & LeapFTP

  • Added display of notifications of http request errors

  • Added check for invalid characters in file name copying to usb
  • Re-added DELETE_TURNOFF to /shutdown.ps3 & /restart.ps3
  • Current fan policy offsets will be applied on firmware >4.80

  • Improved scanning of icons

  • Improved sorting in game listing
  • Wait for download XML now supports a threshold size in the filename

  • Added /play.ps3, PLAY DISC & Auto-Play to Lite edition

  • Removed ONLINE COVERS from /setup.ps3 in English only
  • Removed show IDPS from Lite edition
  • Changed IEXP0_480.BIN to IEXP0_470.BIN in nonCobra edition

  • Added flag to compile for 4.80 CEX/DEX only (not used in release pkg)

Changes in other components:

  • Updater: now installs to hdd0 if the webMAN is disabled in Rebug. Also updates the .bak in flash.
  • Fixed prepNTFS not listed on webMAN.xml due bad PARAM.SFO
  • prepNTFS now unmounts current game (vsh hanged returning to XMB if a /net game was mounted)
  • Updated binaries of ps3netsrv for rasberry pi
  • Fixed a crash of ps3netsrv ocurred during scanning for content


webMAN MOD 1.43.36

@aldostools aldostools released this Sep 20, 2016 · 75 commits to master since this release

  • Added support for download & auto install pkgs. Syntax: /install.pkg?url=<url-of-pkg>
  • Install PKG combo now auto-install all pkgs in hdd0/packages
  • /install.ps3 now deletes the pkg after installation
    • Use /install_ps3 to keep the pkg after installation
  • Added conditional install of pkg: /install.ps3<pkg_path>?
  • Added support for download .xm! as .xml
  • Pkgs are now downloaded to a temporary folder then moved
  • Limited delete pkg after install to hdd0 only
  • Added support to install local theme files (*.p3t)

  • Added online covers to lite edition

  • Added scan in ISO folder for covers named as <title_id>.JPG
  • Added list of last games to root of file manager
  • Icon sizer value now is retained after close the browser
  • Changed algorithm for covers scanning to: ISO folder > MM Covers > ICON0
    (instead of MM > ISO > ICON0)
  • Added support for sorting directories by date/size/name

  • Added support for wildcards in ftp directory listing

  • Fixed ftp navigation using the browsers
  • Changed PASV mode in ps3mapi to work in the same way as the ftp server

  • Added mount by name: /mount.ps3?<name>

  • Added support for filter file listing using: /path?<name>
  • Added /restart.ps3?min to reboot & show min fw version
  • Added swap buttons commands (the system is rebooted):
    /pad.ps3?cross=enter, /pad.ps3?circle=enter, /pad.ps3?cross=swap
  • Added ability to set default restart mode. e.g. /restart.ps3?quick$

  • Added link from /TROPDIR/NPWR* to trophy dir of current user

  • Added link from /LICDIR to home to savedata dir of current user

  • Removed selection of user account from /setup.ps3

    • /copy.ps3 now uses the home folder of the current user
  • Changed behavior of /copy.ps3 (for faster copy)

    • Now existing files with the same file size are not overwritten
    • /copy_ps3 overwrite the existing files (formerly /copy.ps3)
    • /copy.ps3 from hdd0 now copies to the first usb drive * previously the default usb drive was usb000
    • Added 'Copy & overwrite' option to fm.js (popup menu)
  • Removed support for droidMAN in lite edition

  • Removed polling of wm_request file (due performance impact)
    • Combos still use wm_request file, but it's processed directly
  • Removed buggy code added recently for psx audio processing

  • Added offline mode that disable network when games start

  • Added exception list /dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_online_ids.txt for auto-disable network

  • Now the fan speed is increased critically only if the temperature warning is enabled in /setup.ps3 and the temperature is > 85°C

  • Updated webMAN_IT.xml (thanks to smikk)

  • PARAM.SFO multi5 of updater & prepNTFS (thanks to smikk)
  • Re-added standalone plugin video_rec.sprx

  • Added disc icon with link to /bdvd to the bottom of all the pages

  • Changed link in 'size column' of /app_home to home of user in File Manager
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to /setup.ps3
  • Added combo l2_r2

  • Several code optimizations and bug fixes.