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@aldostools aldostools tagged this Apr 6, 2019 · 26 commits to master since this tag

- Added option "Uninstall webMAN MOD" to webMAN Setup
- Refresh My Games now reloads XMB if Reload XMB app is installed
- Added combo SELECT+L3+R1+L1 for Refresh XML+Reload XMB
- Added web command /reloadxmb.ps3
- Changed web command /refresh_ps3 to also reload XMB if Reload XMB app is installed
- Updater scrolling message now uses font icons for X and L1
- Updater now installs nonCobra version in /boot_plugins_nocobra.txt and /boot_plugins_nocobra_dex.txt
- Uninstall now removes boot_plugins_nocobra.txt (and dex)
- Added support for both Jjkkyu PSP Launchers (Mini & PSP Remasters)
- Added auto-play for PSPISO (requires Show PSP Launcher)
- Added MOVIAN.ISO launcher for Disc Auto-Start
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