Batch uploads from log processing into Graphite's Carbon backend.
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Logu: easy batch upload for logs

This project aims to be a simple adapter for batch uploads from data/log processing scripts into common graphing software.


pip install logu

Many stats database/visualization stacks, like statsd/Graphite, only accept statistics in realtime, making uploading historical statistical data somewhat more complicated. Graphite has a bulk upload feature that allows the user to bypass the statsd server, which simply requires setting up a socket and sending pickled data through it.

This project aims to be an abstraction of that process for Graphite, and facilitate batch upload of historical stats.

How to Use

from logu import GraphiteUploader

with GraphiteUploader(host="") as gu:

# data is a list of tuples, see docs for formatting

# to change the port number:
with GraphiteUploader(host="") as gu:

The uploader will verify your data for you, clean up sockets when done (if used as a context manager), and help you organize your logs.