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Test hugo website

I am currently migrating an old set of websites to Hugo. Those websites are marketing websites and have some specific SEO tags to set in the header.

There are a lot of awesome themes available for Hugo but they are all implemented there way.

What I would like to achieve is :

  • Migrate my old websites ( 1000+ ) to hugo
  • Be able to use a random theme for each site
  • Add/Override tags in the <head> of each theme to set my custom info (ex: SEO info) :
    • Title
    • Meta
    • Opengragh
    • Anything I can generate fromt the front mattter

I have installed 3 themes and they all have different approaches to deal with the <head>

  • ananke -> <head> define directly in a baseof.html
  • arabica -> <head> define in partial head.html
  • liva-hugo -> <head> define in partial head.html + using assets like scss

I can easily override each theme but if I want to do it at a bigger scale : as themes do not follow the same patterns, I do not know how to proceed.

I have tried to use Theme components to override parts. I have tried to narrow down the number of themes to find the ones that are built the same way.

But I was wondering if we could think at a more generic approach :

  • For each generated content we generate a specific partial based on the current content data (front matter) and then
  • Replace some parts of the generated content with the partial generated

I was thinking to use Custom Output Formats to generate what I want, but then I would need to somehow hook in the generation process to manipulate the output.

Maybe the easiest is to manage this part outside of Hugo itself in a dedicated build pipeline but I was just wondering if this is doable with the current Hugo features ?

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