Server side code of the FuelPriceShare Android app
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Server side code of the FuelPriceShare Android app

This server side code contains servlets, whose functions are as follows.

  1. LoginServlet: in charge of log in

  2. RegisterServlet: for registration in the system

  3. RangeQueryServlet: given a location (lat, lng), this query returns the fuel stations within a distance range

  4. PathQueryServlet: to find the fuel stations along a direction path

  5. LocationHistoryServlet: process (stores and returns) the user's search history, which forms part of the search auto-complete

  6. UploadImageServlet: handle image upload request

  7. FuelPriceImageProcessServlet: receive the uploaded fuel price image, and process it to extract the fuel infomation including price and type, and retrieve petro station the user currently located at

  8. UploadRefinedResultServlet: receive the refined fuel result from the user

  9. CouchDBHandlerServlet and CrudServlet: response to the requests to create, retrieve, update and delete data in the underlying database