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Some mods for Planetary Annihilation
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My mods that make playing Planetary Annihilation even more enjoyable. They can be installed using the in-game community mod manager.

UI Tweaks

Removes the control groups bar & the need to scroll the selections box.



Also includes minor fixes:

  • System Editor's incorrect placement of hotkey messages and build bars when logged in.
  • Uberbar being one pixel scrollable when a chat exists.

Expanded Hotkeys

Extends the vanilla hotkeys system a little:

  • Modeless/click-free commands (hold for area commands).
  • Enables adding immediate/prioritised build queues (control key).
  • Batch queuing and case insensativ build bar items (holding shift).
  • Clear build queue(s) while allowing already started units to finish.
  • Filter selection by unit type.
  • Select all idle fabricators.
  • Toggle chronocam (jumps back in time with rapid consecutive key presses).
  • Also removes the annoying prompt when deleting units & structures.

Also includes the following game fixes:

Fabricator commander

Adds the commander to the fabricator grouping, so it's included in idle alerts and fabricator selecting.

Don't Look at me!

Stops the camera from moving over and zooming on the commander when spawning. Also stops the automatic creation of the camera anchor and control group.

Continuous build stance

If a selection consists of only idle factories, set them to continuous build stance.

Relative zoom speed

Adjusts the zoom speed relative to the planet radius.

Other recommended mods

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