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// Copyright (C) 2013, Aldrin D'Souza.
// License:
#include <misc/tree.hpp>
#include <boost/bind.hpp>
#include <boost/coroutine/all.hpp>
typedef ajd::binary_tree<char> tree;
typedef boost::coroutines::coroutine<char()> generator;
bool is_leaf(tree::node l) { return !(l->left || l->right); }
void next_leaf(generator::caller_type& yield, tree::node& node)
if(node) {
next_leaf(yield, node->left);
next_leaf(yield, node->right);
if(is_leaf(node)) { yield(node->value); }
bool same_fringe(tree::node one, tree::node two)
generator leaf1(boost::bind(next_leaf, _1, one));
generator leaf2(boost::bind(next_leaf, _1, two));
for(; leaf1 && leaf2; leaf1(), leaf2()) {// iterate till *both* traversal are active
if(leaf1.get() != leaf2().get()) {// compare the next leaf node
return false;// return false, if they don't match.
if(leaf1 || leaf2) {// if one of the traversals is still active,
return false;// one tree has more leaves than the other.
return true;
int main()
tree::node empty = tree::read_tree("");
tree::node red = tree::read_tree("(-(-(-(X)(R))(-(I)(N)))(-(G)(E)))");
tree::node blue1 = tree::read_tree("(-(-(-(F)(R))(-(I)(N)))(-(G)(E)))");
tree::node blue2 = tree::read_tree("(-(-(-(-(-(F)(R))(I))(N))(G))(E))");
tree::node blue3 = tree::read_tree("(-(-(-(-()(F))(R))(I))(-(-(-(N)())(G))(E))");
tree::node diff = tree::read_tree("(-(-(-(-()(F))(R))(I))(-(-(-(N)())(G))())");
assert(!same_fringe(empty, red));
assert(!same_fringe(red, blue1));
assert(same_fringe(empty, empty));
assert(same_fringe(blue1, blue2));
assert(same_fringe(blue2, blue3));
assert(!same_fringe(blue2, diff));