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Aldryn News App

Simple news application. It allows you to:

  • write a tagable news
  • plug in latest new messages (optionally filtered by tags)
  • attach news archive view


Aldryn Platrofm Users

Choose a site you want to install the add-on to from the dashboard. Then go to Apps -> Install app and click Install next to News app.

Redeploy the site.

Manuall Installation

Run pip install aldryn-news.

Add below apps to INSTALLED_APPS:

    'haystack', # for search

Posting news

You can add news in the admin interface now. Search for the label Aldryn_News.

In order to display them, create a CMS page and install the app there (choose News from the Advanced Settings -> Application dropdown).

Now redeploy the site again.

The above CMS site has become a news archive view.

Available Plug-ins

Latest News Entries plugin lets you list n most frequent news filtered by tags.


If you want the news entries to be searchable, be sure to install aldryn-search and its dependencies. Your entries will be searchable using django-haystack.

You can turn it this behavior off by setting ALDRYN_NEWS_SEARCH = False in your django settings.