A modified version of django's django.contrib.redirects app that supports language dependant target URLs, using django-hvad
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Aldryn Redirects

This is a modified version of Django's django.contrib.redirects app that supports language-dependent target URLs, using django-parler.

This is useful for cases in which another middleware strips the language prefix from the URL, like django CMS. It allows to define different urls to redirect to, depending on the user's language.


Aldryn Platform Users

To install the addon on Aldryn, all you need to do is follow this installation link on the Aldryn Marketplace and follow the instructions.

Manually you can:

  1. Choose a site you want to install the Addon to from the dashboard.
  2. Go to Apps > Install App
  3. Click Install next to the Aldryn Redirects app.
  4. Redeploy the site.

Manual Installation

`bash pip install aldryn-redirects `

Follow the setup instructions for django-parler.


# settings.py

'parler', 'aldryn_redirects'


# add the middleware somewhere near the top of MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES

0, 'aldryn_redirects.middleware.RedirectFallbackMiddleware')