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-This is a machine vision package that wraps some functionality of OpenCV
-library. This package has been developed for personal use and is not meant to
-be a complete wrapper. It also includes some things not in OpenCV. .
-Currently this package is quite dirty and requires much work on documentation
-and code clean-up, but is somewhat tested. The scarce Documentation is
-available at <>
+This is a machine vision package that is implemented on top of the [OpenCV C library]
+How To Install
+The main installation instructions are detailed in the [Project Wiki]. In short, install
+GHC 7.4.1, cabal install, c2hs and c version of opencv and your good to go.
+There is also an [example installation transcript with all the gory details] in the wiki.
+[example installation with all the gory details]:
+How To Use
+The Documentation is available at <>
+Screenshots? Examples?
+There are some screenshots at <> and the [`examples`] directory of
+this project contains a plenty of small sample programs.
+[OpenCV C library]:

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