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Bindings Remove support for 2.3
Arbitrary.hs MutableImage
Binary.hs Documentation effort: 3/23
Calibration.chs Transposed the matrix for pointCount to account for a change in OpenCV
ColourUtils.chs Cleanups, prepping for 3.5
ConnectedComponents.chs Add offset to draw_contour.
Conversions.hs More image converters
Corners.hs Cleanups, prepping for 3.5
DFT.hs Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ME/development'
DrawableInstances.hs fooling around with surf
Drawing.chs Access to low level
Edges.chs Minor changes
Features.hs Remove support for 2.3
Files.hs more tyre stuff..
Filters.chs Added pixelwise not,and,or operations
Fitting.hs Attempt to fix issue #22
FunnyStatistics.hs Various changes and tests with video
Gabor.chs Added CV.ConnectedComponents and CV.Gabor for 0.3
HighGUI.chs Cleanups + DFT
Histogram.chs Export Histogram
HoughTransform.hs Attempt to fix issue #22
Image.chs Fix build failure with lens-4.2
ImageMath.chs Added bindings for cvCountNonZero to ImageMath
ImageMathOp.hs ImageMath and ImageMathOp documentation
ImageOp.hs Unrot
Iterators.hs Cleanups, prepping for 3.5
LightBalance.chs Unrot
Marking.hs Unrot
Matrix.hs Fix ambiguous type due to c'CV_LU.
Morphology.chs Fixed a type in 'skeletonize'
MultiresolutionSpline.hs Export list for image module
Operations.hs Merge related changes
PatternRemover.hs Initial import
Pixelwise.hs MutableImage
Projection.hs Added wrapper for cvTriangulatePoints (weakly tested)
Sampling.hs Unrot
TemplateMatching.chs Fixed issue with template sizes (partially)
Textures.chs Cleanups, prepping for 3.5
Thresholding.hs Minor changes
Tracking.hs Changes
Transforms.chs Remove support for 2.3
Video.chs Unrot
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