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Bringing emacs' greatest feature to neovim - Tetris!

Gameplay Screenshot

This plugin is written in Fennel using Olical's project Aniseed for creating the project structure, and as a library of helper functions and macros. The game compiles to Lua and uses Neovim API functions, so Vim support is not currently a goal.

nvim-tetris is a work-in-progress, and is not feature complete.

How To Install

  • Prerequisites: neovim
  • You can install the plugin just like any other Neovim plugin. I personally use vim-plug.
  • Another way to install would be to just clone this repo into ~/.local/share/nvim/site/pack/*/start/, where * is whatever you choose (I use "alec").
  • After installing, you can launch a game of Tetris using the :Tetris command inside Neovim.
  • If your colours look weird, ensure you are using a terminal which supports true colour, you have configured tmux for true colour support if you are using tmux, and you have the termguicolors option enabled in Neovim.


  • Left Arrow: move left
  • Right Arrow: move right
  • Up Arrow: rotate piece
  • Down Arrow: soft drop
  • Space Bar: hard drop

What Works

  • Core game functions including controlling the current piece, clearing lines, and gameover when you run out of space
  • Piece shadow showing where the current piece will land
  • Level progression - you progress a level every 10 lines cleared, and the game gets faster with each level
  • Short delays when the piece appears and when it locks. The locking delay resets when rotating or moving your piece, to make gameplay more fun at high speeds
  • Correct rotation behaviour including wall-kicks according to "How Guideline SRS Really Works" from (this means T-spins work)

Next Steps

  • Add border showing current level, current score, next piece, saved piece (and add logic for saving pieces)
  • Add pause screen (with options to resume game, start new game or quit)
  • Add game over screen (with options to play again or quit)
  • Add intro screen which shows controls
  • Add logic for score
  • Configuration
  • Documentation
  • Tests
  • Stretch goals: music, leaderboards?, ...