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Netly is a flexible socket library built on c-sharp. It is compatible with (Android, iOS, Linux, Windows...)


Netly docs (HERE)


Official publisher

Nuget Unity Asset Store
Install on Nuget Install on Asset Store

Sponsor and Supporter

Well, this project is open source and only development can be supported by suggestions for improvements, bug reports or the like. (for those who want to financially support this resource is not available at this time)


Notable changes

v1 (old) v2 (stable) v3 (in dev) v4 (nonexistent)
TCP (client/server) TCP/IP Message Framing TLS/SSL (client/server) Websocket (client/server)
UDP TCP/UDP performance improvement Include docs/sample (SSL/TLS) Include docs/sample (Websocket)
Message Framing memory and performance improve
Message Framing new protocol
UDP impl connection with udp (ping/timeout)
collaborative documentation docsify
Byter 2.0

List of tested platforms


Below are some missing features that are planned to be added in later versions.

  • SSL/TLS (v3)
  • Websocket (v4)


Build dependencies
Build step-by-step
# 1. clone repository 
$ git clone "" netly/

# 2. build netly project
$ dotnet build -C Release netly/
  # DLL_PATH: netly/src/bin/netstandard2.0/Netly.dll

# 3. For use Netly.dll you need Byter.dll (a Netly dependecy)
$ git clone "" byter/

# 4. build byter project
$ dotnet build -C Release byter/
  # DLL_PATH: byter/src/bin/netstandard2.0/Byter.dll

# WARNING: when use Netly.dll must include Byter.dll  


TcpClient Syntax

using Netly;
using Netly.Core;

var client = new TcpClient(framing: true);

// Enable SSL/TLS (onValidate delegate is optional)
client.UseEncryption(enableEncryption: true, onValidate: null);

client.OnOpen(() => 
    // client connected

client.OnClose(() =>
    // client disconnected

client.OnError((Exception exception) =>
    // connection close because: 1.Error on connecting, 2.Invalid framing data

client.OnData((byte[] data) =>
    // raw data received

client.OnEvent((string name, byte[] data) =>
    // event received (event use netly protocol) 

client.OnModify((Socket socket) =>
    // you can modify socket, called before open connection

client.Open(new Host("", 8080));

TcpServer Syntax

using Netly;
using Netly.Core;

var server = new TcpServer(framing: true);

// Enable SSL/TLS
byte[] pfxCert = <DO_SOMETHING>;
string pfxPass = <DO_SOMETHING>;

server.UseEncryption(pfxCert, pfxPass, SslProtocols.Tls13); // TLS v1.3

server.OnOpen(() => 
    // server start listen

server.OnClose(() =>
    // server stop listen

server.OnError((Exception exception) =>
    // error on start listen (connecting)

server.OnData((TcpClient client, byte[] data) =>
    // a client receive raw data

server.OnEvent((TcpClient client, string name, byte[] data) =>
    // a client receive event (event use netly protocol)

server.OnEnter((TcpClient client) =>
    // a client connected on server
    client.OnClose(() =>
        // alternative of: TcpServer.OnClose
    client.OnData(() =>
        // alternative of: TcpServer.OnData
    client.OnEvent(() =>
        // alternative of: TcpServer.OnEvent

server.OnExit((TcpClient client) =>
    // a client disconnected from server

server.OnModify((Socket socket) =>
    // you can modify socket, called before listen and bind a port 

server.Open(new Host("", 8080));