Leaflet.label is plugin for adding labels to markers & shapes on leaflet powered maps.
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Leaflet.label is plugin for adding labels to markers & shapes on leaflet powered maps.

Check out the demo.

##Usage examples

If you want to just bind a label to marker that will show when the mouse is over it, it's really easy:

L.marker([-37.7772, 175.2606]).bindLabel('Look revealing label!').addTo(map);

Path overlays works the same:

	[-37.7612, 175.2756],
	[-37.7702, 175.2796],
	[-37.7802, 175.2750],
]).bindLabel('Even polylines can have labels.').addTo(map)	

If you would prefer the label to be always visible set the noHide: true option and call showLabel() once added to the map:

L.marker([-37.785, 175.263])
	.bindLabel('A sweet static label!', { noHide: true })

N.B. if you call showLabel() before it is added to the map the label will not show.


When you call bindLabel() you can pass in an options object. These options are:

  • noHide: doesn't attach event handler for showing/hiding the label on mouseover/out.
  • className: the css class to add to the label element

##Positioning the label for custom icons

The label is positioned relative to the L.Icon's iconAnchor option. To reposition the label set the labelAnchor option of your icon. By default labelAnchor is set so the label will show vertically centered for the default icon (L.Icon.Default).

E.g. Vertically center an icon with iconAnchor set as the center of the icon:

var myIcon = L.icon({
	iconUrl: 'my-icon.png',
	iconSize: [20, 20],
	iconAnchor: [10, 10],
	labelAnchor: [6, 0] // as I want the label to appear 2px past the icon (10 + 2 - 6)
L.marker([-37.7772, 175.2606], {
	icon: myIcon
}).bindLabel('Look revealing label!').addTo(map);

When positioning the label L.Label includes a 6px horizontal padding. you will need to take this into account when setting labelAnchor.

##Setting the opacity of a label

You can set the opacity of a label by calling the setOpacity method on L.Marker. By default the opacity will either be 0 or 1.

// Sets opacity of marker to 0.3 and opacity of label to 1

// Sets opacity of marker to 0.3 and opacity of label to 0.3
markerLabel.setOpacity(0.3, true);

// Sets opacity of marker to 0 and opacity of label to 0
markerLabel.setOpacity(0, true);

// Sets opacity of marker to 1 and opacity of label to 1
markerLabel.setOpacity(1, true);

##Alternative label plugin

My previous label plugin is still available at https://github.com/jacobtoye/Leaflet.iconlabel. This plugin is a little harder to use, however if you want to have both the icon and label bound to the same event this plugin is for you.