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Call Collect

Please see docs/ for more details.


Thanks to Dan Nguyen, whose guidance on my master's thesis has been generous and smart and always spot on. Also, he has been very nice about me messing with his Echo during our meetings.

Thanks also to Leah Culver, Brandon Grugle, Claire Mullen, and Sonia Paul for creating the first version of Call Collect with me at the Come and Play hackathon in May, 2017, and to all the organizers of the hackathon, especially Lam Thuy Vo who has been exceptionally encouraging about this project. Thanks to Angela Johnston and the others on the California Speaks team who shared their feedback. And thanks to those who have inspired me to think about how technology can help journalism be more attentive to the voices of those it serves, including but not limited to: Alina Fichter, Louis Lafair, Ash Ngu, Cathy Deng, and Jay Hamilton as well as The Coral Project, GroundSource, and Hearken.

I expect this list to grow as work on the project continues!

Favicon via Twitter's Twemoji, licensed under CC-BY 4.0. Other open source software dependencies can be perused in package-lock.json.


Enabling any journalist to gather audio from the public




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