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King County Food Establishment Inspections

Check it out on the web

This project lets users explore restaurant inspection data from King County from January 1, 2015 to May 17, 2016. (I manually filtered it on the Socrata page. A future extension could be to dynamically fetch the last year of data when building the app.)

Main listing page

This page shows a map with all the restaurants with inspections since January 1, 2015.

Detail page

There will be a detail page for each restaurant, which will contain complete information about each inspection at that restaurant, including details about each violation if there are multiple from a single inspection.

Filter options

Users will be able to filter the main listing page by

  • doing a full text search of restaurant names
  • choosing to show only the restaurants whose most recent inspection was unsatisfactory
  • choosing to show only the restaurants over a certain inspection score

Inspirations for this project

This project is inspired by the New York City restaurant inspection explorations presented by the city itself and the New York Times. I'm just bringing the concept to my hometown. The usage of Leaflet for mapping is also inspired (/based on) the IRE first news app tutorial.