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JSONAPI is a plugin for Bukkit that allows you to access data and other information about your server and your players through a simple, yet secure, HTTP API. This allows you to make awesome websites, iPhone apps, and a way for your players to purchase goods online and automatically receive them in game.

However, this plugin won't do all of that by itself. It is simply an API that allows you to assemble the features in a way that makes sense for your needs.


Download JSONAPI v3.6.0 (for Minecraft 1.1-R6 and Minecraft 1.2)

You can find the source code on GitHub at alecgorge/jsonapi. I accept pull requests!

What features exist in JSONAPI?

There are tons of API methods.

There are 146 different API methods in 8 different categories covering a wide range of features:

  • Chat (groups, prefixes, suffixes, etc.)
  • Economy (give money, create banks, etc.)
  • Permissions (control permissions and groups)
  • Edit signs and chests
  • Integration with drdanick's Remote Toolkit to enable the ability to turn the server on and off using API methods. Note: this requires the JSONAPI_RTK Remote Toolkit module.
  • Get a live stream of chat, connections and disconnections and/or the console.
  • ...and many more standard features (ban, unban, inventory management, etc.)

JSONAPI is well documented.

There are many guides along with an expansive technical reference available on the wiki.

Every API method is documented and viewable online.

You can read a careful documentation of the the request and response format on the wiki if you are thinking about writing a new SDK or plan on rolling your own solution.

There are easy to use SDKs.

SDKs allow for easy usage of all of JSONAPI's capabilities currently there are 4 SDKs:

Easily integrate JSONAPI with other plugins.

Using the API for JSONAPI, you can easily add new methods or stream sources. Check out the section "For plugin developers" at the bottom of the wiki.

There is an interactive test console.

Once you setup Adminium on your server, you can use this test console to easily test all of the available API methods and view the JSON response.

What else can you do with JSONAPI? You can...

  • Integrate your website and your Minecraft server
  • Control your server with your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch through Adminium
  • Setup scripts that perform actions on your server, all through an easy to use API!

What uses JSONAPI?

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