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A node.js agent for
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Instrumental for Node

A node.js agent for It supports the full collector protocol.


npm install instrumental


The only settings that should need changing are api_key and perhaps max_queue_size if you have very frequent/infrequent data.

I = require('instrumental')
    // from here:
    api_key         : "your_api_key",        

    // optional, default shown
    hostname        : '', 

    // optional, default shown
    port            : 8000,                  

    // optional, default shown. disconnect from the server
    // after this many milliseconds.
    timeout         : 10000,                 

    // optional, default shown. metrics will only be sent
    // to the server when this many have been queued,
    // reconnecting if necessary.
    max_queue_size  : 100,                   

}, function (is_api_key_valid) {
    // optional!
    // this is called everytime the agent connects 
    // to the server to send metrics. it can indicate
    // a successful or unsuccessful connection based on
    // is_api_key_valid.

I.increment('', /* increment_by = 1, timestamp = now */);

I.gauge('', 82.12, /* timestamp = now */);

I.gauge_absolute('', 12.12, /* timestamp = now */);

I.notice('This is a notice', /* duration = 0, timestamp = now */);

// this forces the agent to send all current metrics to the server.
// good to call when the server is shutting down or similar
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