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This package provides a layer for using FoundationDB as a data store for a Swift application.



Before you can build this library, you must install the FoundationDB client libraries and the FoundationDB server from our website.

You will also need to set up a local cluster. There should be an fdbserver process that was started automatically when you installed the server. If it's not running, you can run:

fdbserver -p auto:4689 -d /usr/local/foundationdb/data/4689 -L /usr/local/foundationdb/logs &

Once it's running, you will need to configure the initial database:

fdbcli --exec "configure new single ssd"
fdbcli --exec status

This currently builds with Swift 4.0.

Mac Command Line

To build on the Mac, you must manually install the pkg-config file in /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/CFoundationDB.pc.

Then you can run swift build to build the library, and swift test to run the test suite.


You can generate an Xcode project for this package by running swift package generate-xcodeproj from the command-line. You should then be able to build the library and run the test suite in Xcode.


This repository provides a docker image for building the library in Linux. You can build and run the tests by running:

    docker run --rm -v $PWD:/var/code/fdb-swift fdb-swift-build

You can build that Dockerfile by running:

    docker build -t fdb-swift-build Resources/docker

When switching from building for Mac and building for Linux or vice-versa, run swift build --clean.

Updating Versions

This package must be kept synchronized with new versions of FoundationDB. To update the version for this package:

  1. Check out the master branch of the C Wrapper project, and update the versions in the following files:

    • CFoundationDB.h
    • CFoundationDB_linux.pc
    • CFoundationDB_mac.pc
  2. Commit those changes and push them to the remote repo

  3. Tag the master branch with the new version (e.g. 5.0.5) and push that tag to the remote repo.

  4. Update the resources/docker/Dockerfile file with the new FDB version

  5. Build the new docker image:

    docker build resources/docker -t fdb-swift-build
  6. Update the dependency on fdbc-swift in Package.swift in this repo to specify the new version.

  7. Commit those change and push them to the remote repo

  8. Tag the master branch with the new version (e.g. 5.0.5) and push that tag to the remote repo.


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