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Using docker to download videos from youtube or others
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This docker image enable you to download any video from youtube, for example, in its best audio and video quality, without having to install any software on your computer, beside of docker.


docker pull alecharp/get-videos:[latest|stable|<version>]
docker run -v $(pwd):/downloads -ti alecharp/get-videos [--audio] $VIDEO_URL


As I'm using the git-flow process, master is stable, dev is unstable, or in-progress and each release has a tag.

The image has 2 evolving tags: latest and stable. latest is built against dev branch, which should be considered as unstable. The master branch generate a stable image. Then there is a tag for every release.



  • support -f and --format option for audio file
  • convert to mp3 audio file by default


  • support -a and --audio option to download only the audio part


  • first image release
  • download and merge best video and audio
  • use volume /downloads to store the files
  • create hierarchy of folder based on the video's uploader's name