A simple robot-legs demo - a playable version of pong
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This is my first (public) attempt at putting together a game using RobotLegs.

Most of the examples I have found on RobotLegs appear to be RIA-style, event-driven apps. I wanted to use RobotLegs to create a ticker-based game.

I also wanted to experiment with using as3signals rather than the event bus. This makes quite a bit of the RobotLegs source redundant. Because of that I haven't used the Actor class as it doesn't add anything to the structure; I can still use the [Inject] and [PostConstruct] metatags in mapped classes.

The bat collision logic was written quickly and could use considerable improvement, particularly for corner collision.

The bat maneuvering logic could also use work: currently they have to be click-and-dragged, for demonstration purposes.

For More Information, See: