A Craft plugin to auto generate hashed slugs for entries using Hashids php library
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Craft 3

If you're looking for a Craft 3 version, this has been ported over by https://github.com/madmadmad/slugger, so be sure to use that instead.


Slugged is a Craft plugin that hashes the Id of an entry when it is saved and replaces the slug

This plugin uses the Hashids library to generate the slugs.


To install, copy the slugged directory to craft > plugins and install through the admin interface. To update, replace the slugged directory and refresh the admin area.


All configuration is done in the plugin settings page in the admin area.

Plugin settings

Set the salt to use when hashing

Default: Change me to something

Default length
The length of the hash, this will be overwritten with any length defined for a section

Default: 8

The characters to use when generating the slug.

Default: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123456789

The only sections that will be listed are editable sections that have their own urls. If you add a length to a section this will override the default set above. A section must be enabled for the hashing to happen, regardless of whether you add a length override or not.

Slugged fieldType

If you don’t want the entries slug to be replaced, Slugged also comes with a fieldType that you can use, this will work regardless of what section settings are enabled.

Hidden asset download example

You can use the slugged field type to hide the download path of an asset, or just to provide an easier to remember/share url.

  • Add a route to craft via admin > settings > routes, I will be using a _trigger.html template in a folder called download so my route looks like this: download/* and the template to load: download/_trigger

  • Create a slugged field type and attach it to the asset source using the layout designer

On one of my assets, the field type value is 9ow1LmwN, so I will be using that for this example.

my url looks like this: http://alec.dev/download/9ow1LmwN


  {# get the hash value from the url #}
  {% set hash = craft.request.segment(2) %}
  {# use slugged’s decode method to get the ID #}
  {% set assetId = craft.slugged.decode(hash) %}

  {# Get the first asset with the id #}
  {% set asset = craft.assets.id(assetId).first %}
  {# if there is an asset, redirect to its download url, otherwise throw a 404 #}
  {% if asset is defined and asset|length %}
        {% redirect asset.getUrl() %}
  {% else %}
    {% redirect "404" %}
  {% endif %}

Support, issues, feedback

If you want to leave feedback about this project, feel free to get in touch on twitter if you experience any issues please just create a new issue here on the Repo