General purpose tools for procedurally generating puzzles in games
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Puzzledice is a set of general purpose tools and libraries for procedurally generating puzzles in games. This repository includes the Puzzledice runtime library built for the Unity game engine, two graphical editors, and a sample game built using Puzzledice.

A detailed explanation of the motivation and design of Puzzledice is included in the "Doc" folder.

Puzzlegen Library

The runtime "Puzzlegen" library for Unity is located in "Unity/puzzlegen".

Graphical Editors

Executable Jars and source code for two graphical editors are located in the "Tools" directory.


Sandwitch (located in "Unity/Sandwitch") is a sample Unity game that uses the Puzzledice tools. A playable version of the game is included in "Unity/Sandwitch/sandwitch-play". The source code for the game is also included, but requires purchasing 2D Toolkit to compile. Once 2D Toolkit has been purchased, simply insert the "TK2DROOT" folder into "Unity/Sandwitch/Assets" to be able to compile the game.