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Quake-style colour formatting for Unix terminals
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Colour terminal text for Go (Golang) Build Status

Package colour provides Quake-style colour formatting for Unix terminals.

The package level functions can be used to write to stdout (or strings or other files). If stdout is not a terminal, colour formatting will be stripped.


colour.Printf("^0black ^1red ^2green ^3yellow ^4blue ^5magenta ^6cyan ^7white^R\n")

For more control a Printer object can be created with various helper functions. This can be used to do useful things such as strip formatting, write to strings, and so on.

The following sequences are converted to their equivalent ANSI colours:

Sequence Effect
^0 Black
^1 Red
^2 Green
^3 Yellow
^4 Blue
^5 Cyan (light blue)
^6 Magenta (purple)
^7 White
^8 Black Background
^9 Red Background
^a Green Background
^b Yellow Background
^c Blue Background
^d Cyan (light blue) Background
^e Magenta (purple) Background
^f White Background
^R Reset
^U Underline
^D Dim
^B Bold
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