Nagios-Checks for monitoring NetApp cDOT-Systems via NetApp Perl API
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NetApp cDOT Nagios Monitoring Skripts


Scripts for monitoring NetApp cDOT Clusters via NetApp Manageability SDK (Perl)

For older 7-Mode systems use my 7-Mode Scripts


Currently there are the following checks:

  • Aggregate Space Usage (also supports performance data)
  • Same network configuration on all nodes
  • HA and Cluster Interconnects
  • Disk Drive Status
  • FC Interface Errors
  • Global Cluster Health
  • Interface Group Status and Interface Errors
  • Lun Usage
  • Metrocluster Aggregate Status
  • Metrocluster Check
  • Metrocluster Configuration
  • Metrocluster Global Status
  • SAS Bus Multipathing
  • NetApp Volume Encryption
  • Quota Usage
  • Aggregate RAID Status
  • some Best Practises
  • SnapMirror Health
  • Old Snapmirror Snapshots
  • Snapshot Age
  • check_cdot_storage_bridge: Storage Bridge Status
  • Sparedisk Zeroed State and Ownership
  • Node Uptime
  • Volume Space and I-Node Usage (also supports performance data)
  • Cisco Nexus Cluster-Switch Port Status


For some examples have a look at my wiki:

Contact / Author

Alexander Krogloth <alexander.krogloth at> for the noris network AG.

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. For details, see the enclosed file COPYING for license information (GPL). If you did not receive this file, see