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Laravel Vue Boilerplate

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A Laravel 6 Single Page Application boilerplate using Vue.js 2.6, GraphQL, Bootstrap 4, TypeScript, Sass and Pug with:

  • A users CRUD if the current user is an admin written in RESTful and GraphQL.
  • i18n for English, Portuguese and Spanish, based on browser language settings.
  • Authentication using JWT.
  • WebSockets with Laravel Echo and Pusher.
  • Vue component tests using Jest and API tests using PHPUnit.
  • Already configured to run tests on Docker, GitLab CI (with continuous deploy), Travis CI, CircleCI, AppVeyor and VSTS CI on Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Dockerfile configured with PHP 7.2, Node.js 12 and Composer, with MySQL and phpMyAdmin on Docker Compose.

You can check it live on this website, with the credentials:

Admin user

Password: admin

Normal user

Password: normal

Notice that all the changed data on that website sample, such as password and CRUD actions, won't be stored.

Main dependencies


The TypeScript code tries to follow the Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide, the linters are already included and configured.


Steps to run it:

Remember to search for "TODO change" on the files to change example code.

With Docker


docker-compose up --build

After it starts, just on the first time, run on another terminal:

docker exec laravel-vue-boilerplate bash -c "composer start && npm start"

The application will be available on http://localhost:8000 and the phpMyAdmin on http://localhost:8081

Common way

Rename the .env.example file to .env, and fill it with your local info, then:

Install PHP and JavaScript dependencies:

composer install
npm install

Generate Laravel keys:

php artisan key:generate

Generate JWT keys

php artisan jwt:secret

Generate i18n string for Vue, based on Laravel i18n files:

php artisan vue-i18n:generate

Migrate and seed the database:

php artisan migrate --seed

Compile all the front-end stuff:

npm run prod


composer test
npm test