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Python coding projects for Python 2 course at CCAC
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Python 2 Work

Coding projects for CCAC's Python 2 by Alex Hartle

Who I Am

My name is Alex Hartle and I am a student in CCAC's A.S. Cybersecurity program. I have a bachelor's degree in History and a master's degree in Teaching from the University of Pittsburgh, and am working through the program as part of a career change. I am without any prior IT experience but have fallen in love with the field and specifically the logic of programming and hope to enter a cybersecurity position upon graduation.

Why I'm Here

Having taught myself Python fundamentals outside of classes, as well as having basic programming skills in Java, Bash, and HTML, I am taking Python 2 to improve my programming skills and enhance my understanding of the language that is most commonly used in my field. While not a data analytics student, Python-developed tools such as web crawlers have a high degree of crossover into my field in the form of passive information gathering. I look forward to learning more about Python and being able to develop my own tools and scripts for my security work while also getting a look into the field of data analytics.

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