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Python 2 Work

Coding projects for CCAC's Python 2 by Alex Hartle

Who I Am

My name is Alex Hartle and I am a student in CCAC's A.S. Cybersecurity program. I have a bachelor's degree in History and a master's degree in Teaching from the University of Pittsburgh, and am working through the program as part of a career change. I am without any prior IT experience but have fallen in love with the field and specifically the logic of programming and hope to enter a cybersecurity position upon graduation.

Why I'm Here

Having taught myself Python fundamentals outside of classes, as well as having basic programming skills in Java, Bash, and HTML, I am taking Python 2 to improve my programming skills and enhance my understanding of the language that is most commonly used in my field. While not a data analytics student, Python-developed tools such as web crawlers have a high degree of crossover into my field in the form of passive information gathering. I look forward to learning more about Python and being able to develop my own tools and scripts for my security work while also getting a look into the field of data analytics.

Notable Projects

Final Project - Stumblestring

My final project for Python 2 was inspired by the security program Tripwire, which is used to monitor file systems for changes. Stumblestring--a play on Tripwire--does the same task by traversing the file system to create hashes of all files, while returning changes and hash values back to the user. The user can then check changed or new files against the Virus Total API and have a report created automatically.

Week 10 - OS Traversal

This project served as the foundation of my final project. In this project, I learned to use the OS module and created a recursive function to unzip files and search their contents for other files to be unzipped.

Week 9 - Regular Expressions Presentation

Each member of the class was assigned the task of delivering a 15-20 minute lecture on a Python topic. I chose to present on regular expressions, which helped me to write some of the functions in my final project.

Week 8 - API Project

This was the first project where I got to start crossing Python with my focus in security. Using haveibeenpwned's API, I created calls to analyze their database of various data breaches.

Week 7 - Scraping

The scraping project, while not making it into my final, was a good lesson in some of the tools used by data analysis and even security professionals.


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