GNOME Shell Extension allowing separate configuration of pulseaudio devices
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GNOME Shell Volume Mixer

Shell Volume Mixer is an extension for GNOME Shell allowing separate configuration of PulseAudio devices and output switches. It features a profile switcher to quickly switch between pinned profiles and devices.

Middle mouse click on a slider mutes the selected stream.

screenshot 1 screenshot 2


$ make

That's it. Add the resulting archive via GNOME Tweak Tool (extensions tab) or copy it's content manually to ".~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/".

GNOME Settings Daemon (GSD)

GSD hardcodes the step for each key press of volume keys to 6% of maximum volume. While this might be OK for most people, some would prefer a configurable setting. There's a bug in GNOME's tracker which, according to the comments by developers, won't ever get fixed in a way that could allow configurable volume steps[1].

Shell Volume Mixer tries to grab GSD's hotkeys to provide configurable steps for sliders and media keys.


This is a fork of AdvancedVolumeMixer by Harry Karvonen (git:// Many thanks go out to him for his initial work.