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Casks of unofficial builds
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Casks of unofficial, vendorless, or walled builds for homebrew-cask

This repository contains Caskfiles for apps that have user-contributed (unofficial) app bundles (no official app bundle download source exists), Caskfiles without an official vendor (e.g. forum posts), and Caskfiles whose download binary is both behind a registration wall and served from an unofficial host (and thus difficult or impossible for maintainers to corroborate). For apps with verified, official download sources, see the main homebrew-cask project.

IMPORTANT: By using the Caskfiles in this repository, you are tapping into untrusted software! While we try our best to audit Caskfiles and ensure their operation, we cannot offer any guarantee on the software provided.


After you have installed homebrew-cask, add this tap to the list of your homebrew tap sources:

brew tap alehouse/homebrew-unofficial

You now have access to install casks from here just as you would from the official project:

brew cask install bughub


Like homebrew-cask and all other official taps maintained by caskroom, the code within this repository is released under a BSD 2 Clause (NetBSD) License..

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