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dotfiles, config stuff, you know :)
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X11 update
bash update
emacs/emacs.d update
fontconfig update xmonad.hs
general add more config
gentoo/syslog-ng revert syslog-ng config
ncmpcpp update
ssh update
tmux update
vim update
xfce/terminal change file mode. add markdown syntax plugin
xmonad add mpv class
.gitignore add haml and sass remove prelude configs

aleiphoenix's config files

this repo is just some dirty config files of mine... you can find some sort of them, including...

  • bashrc
  • vim configuration
  • ssh_config and sshd_config
  • fontconfig for X11
  • xfce desktop
  • and everythings I'm currently using or used

I try to comment on them. So if you find them helpful, I'm really happy. If you've got something more awesome or have some to say, just drop a comment ;)

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