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- Improve logging to create new fs.WriteStream only on controller logPath change
- Add remote process stdout/stderr custom listener support for ssh() and scp()
- Add ability to write to remote process stdin
- Revise documentation and make JSON notation standard config pattern
- Modify hosts objects implementation to prototype-based implementation
- Make semantic change from 'host' objects to 'controller' objects
- Separate mass configuration from controller objects implementation
- Tasks now get config object's id with id() as method instead of as property
- Add controllers() configurator for array and JSON notation configuration
- Deprecate hosts(), prints deprecation warning, will remove in future release
- Change setting of log path from log to logPath on hosts (now controllers)
- Extend configuration, including deprecated, examples
- Init scpOptions as array if not configured so later logic can assume array
- Document and add example of hosts() usage without tasks system
- Add exit callbacks to host.ssh(), host.scp() for handling non-zero exit codes
- Add scpOptions (like sshOptions)
- Add config tasks command line arguments rewriting
- Add host.logMask to allow masking things like passwords from command logging
- Document sshOptions and reimplement to allow setting in config or host object
- Remove undocumented host() method for setting up a single host from config
- Add engines specification to package.json for node >=0.1.99
- Remove errant console.log statement in ssh command
- Log commands before launching subprocess instead of after
- Add sshOptions to host config to allow passing options to ssh on ssh()
- Add -r flag to scp() invocations to make useful for both files and directories
- Tighten permissions on log file so readable only to local control user