Telegram bot to check the menu of Universidad de Granada dining hall.
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Telegram bot to check the menu of Universidad de Granada dining hall. It works thanks to pyTelegramBotAPI and puppeteer.

Puppeteer is used to launch a headless Chrome browser, find menu tables and save them as png images. This implementation can be maintained more easily, because DOM has been changing a lot and parse the data in the tables seems to be more problematic. I made a request to them in order to get a simple JSON API for developers and they answered that they would consider it, but for the moment it's necessary to parse DOM one way or another.


First of all, you need Python 3 correctly installed on your machine. Then, run:

pip install -r requirements.txt

In some environments, you have to use pip3 instead of pip in order to install the packages for Python 3.

Also, you need to install all the necessary node dependencies to run the renderer. To do that, run:

npm install

In order to test the renderer, run the following command and be sure that all menu tables are being saved in ./images-new folder:

node renderer.js

Once you have installed all the dependencies, add your bot token in BOT_TOKEN environment variable. Optionally, you can configure a custom chromium browser path in BROWSER_PATH environment variable if you don't want to use the chromium browser bundled with puppeteer npm package.

When everything is properly configured, run the bot script:


All should work okay. Menu images are updated every hour.

Code licensed under GPLv3. See LICENSE file for more information.