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Tweets not showing up #142

ZachOrr opened this Issue March 20, 2013 · 8 comments

4 participants

Zach Orr Alejandro Gómez Mike Walker Craig Maloney
Zach Orr

When I load turses my timeline/mentions don't show up properly. Regardless of any new tweets coming in, the top is always 0 and the timelines are never loaded

Alejandro Gómez

That is weird, what tweepy version do you have installed?

You can list your installed python packages with

$ pip freeze
Zach Orr
Alejandro Gómez

Well, this is strange. I'm using the exact same versions as you and I don't experience any problems.

Can you provide more details on your machine? OS? Python version?

I'm not sure about what can be causing this :dizzy_face:

Zach Orr

Sure thing - sorry for the lack of info

Python 2.7.3, OS X 10.8.2, using zsh (but the issue happens in bash also)

I just launched it again and it looks like it loaded my mentions properly, but only one tweet in my timeline

Alejandro Gómez

I think it may be an issue with the Twitter service, I've experienced this myself sometimes.

The tweets won't load but, when updating (can be done manually with u), they are fetched
and displayed correctly.

I guess that the requests made for fetching the tweets and mentions failed. What happens
if you press u on the main timeline?

Zach Orr

It might be with Twitter. It seems to load sometimes and not other times. Neither u nor S fixed it before

Mike Walker

I had a similar issue, and I just re-authed my twitter account and it seems to be fixed.

Craig Maloney

I think it's a combination of Twitter and turses as u doesn't seem to work but using Twit.vim seems to work.

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