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A simple jQuery Plugin to reach the top of the browser.
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A simple, light-weight, customizable and easy-to-use jQuery Plugin that help your webpage users to reach the top of the page with a smooth transition.


Please, take this little demo as it is, a demo where I pretend to show to you the power of this plugin, but consider your own target before copy/paste the code.


• You could change the name of the class that is going to be added to the element ('isvisible' by default). Remember then to apply your styles to this new class.

• The position you want to reach

• The duration of the transition

• The position (in PX) from which the button is going be displayed.

• Customize or change the CSS files.


• Download or fork the repository.

• Include jQuery and the Javascript file minify or not in your HTML.

// Add the BUTTON to the HTML
// Initialize the plugin

// some options are available $(".your-element-selector").gototop({ position : 50, duration : 3000, classname : "isvisible", visibleAt : 500 });


• Feel free to download, modify, break, use or destroy this plugin.

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